Free Workshop For Influencers, Content Creators, Creatives and Entrepreneurs

​Media Mastery

Discover the media techniques you need to MASTER your message and CONQUER social media. Develop a digital presence that gets you noticed, AND gets you paid. 

The Media Mastery Workshop is a free training that will guide you in uncovering the best opportunities in media by:

  • Providing the framework for the messaging of your project or brand

  • Helping you understand the different types of media opportunities and how to leverage them

  • Showing you how to pivot media interviews into opportunities that add to your bottomline

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    ​In this free workshop I will share:

    • The Power of 3
      How to craft the perfect message for your project or brand and have it ready at all times.
    • ​​Purpose & Publicity
      ​​Understanding the different types of media opportunities and how to leverage each one.
    • ​​The 50K Interview
      ​​Learn how to walk away from every interview with increased visibility but more importantly guaranteed financial opportunities.
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      ​Africa Miranda

      Want to work with brands like these?

       I have & You can too!


      A dynamic speaker, actress and media personality, with distinctive style and quick wit, over her 15 year career Africa Miranda has become an in-demand beauty expert, on-camera talent and host.

      A trusted voice in the digital space, Africa has worked with global brands like Kia Motors America, Refinery 29, Uber  and Macy’s. She has also been featured on Good Morning America, AOL Build Brunch and in Vanity Fair, Upscale Magazine,on EBONY.com, BET.com, and multiple major publications and media outlets.

      In her book, Step Up, Step Out, and Shine — a guide to tapping into the light within, Africa shares personal insight and welcomes readers on a journey to becoming their higher selves. She is also the host and executive producer of The Africa Miranda Show - a weekly lifestyle web series created in partnership with Facebook Watch.

      We hear a lot about personal branding online, but one thing we overlook is how our online persona connects with how we show up offline.

      Personal branding is about more than just what you share on social media. My Media Mastery Workshop is designed to help you work through the first initial steps of uncovering your own light so that your personal brand can shine effectively. 

      I’ve been featured on multiple major publications and media outlets like Good Morning America, AOL Build Brunch, Vanity Fair, Upscale Magazine, EBONY.com, BET.com, and the thing that has allowed me to get the most of these experiences has been my ability to maintain a consistent presence.

      Join my free workshop and get started with connecting your personal brand story to real life opportunities!

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        Disclaimer: This workshop is free. There will be an offer to work with me at the end. There is no purchase required to receivethe benefits and information shared during the workshop. It is my hope that hope that we all continue to grow, learn and shine!

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