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Want bigger brand visibility without the burnout?

In this free workshop, I show you how to reverse-engineer your way to more visibility, bigger speaking engagements, and higher-profile partnerships.

Please do not waste another dollar on more PR, clothes, or equipment before I teach you: 

  • How I strategized my way to national and international partnerships with brands like Facebook, Uber, and Macy's
  • The ONE thing that is more important than likes and followers
  • An easy way to talk about and SELL yourself confidently, anywhere and anytime
  • The system I use in interviews that virtually ensures that I close my sponsorship deals


July 28th @ 7pm EDT

Hi! I'm Africa Miranda

And I'm going to teach you the techniques I've learned, tested, and succeeded with over my 15-year career as a model, actress, host, beautypreneur, personality, and now author. 

Having been featured in places such as Good Morning America and Vanity Fair, I've been blessed to partner with multiple national and international brands. This has given me the opportunity to leverage my visibility into a skincare line, a book, and the ability to travel the world. 

I created this workshop for you and anyone else who's ever slid into my DM's to ask how I did it because I know you can do it too.

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July 28th @ 7pm EDT

Disclaimer: I cannot and do not guarantee or promise any specific financial outcome or any specific results from use of the knowledge provided. This workshop is free. There will be an offer to work with me at the end. There is no purchase required to receivethe benefits and information shared during the workshop. It is my hope that we all continue to grow, learn, and shine!

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